sothei (so’.thee) – σωθεί – to save, set free, deliver

Welcome to The sothei Collection, a hand-crafted line of all-natural body care products.


Many people have asked how sothei began. The story winds its way through a decade of humility, growth, and trust.

In 2005, after our two biological children began walking, my husband and I applied for the adoption of a little boy from China. We are both adopted and understand the importance of growing up in a stable family environment.  Unfortunately, Lu Sheng passed away before we could bring him home.

During the adoption process, we set up a non-profit, the Sea of Faces Foundation, so friends and family could support us through tax-deductible gifts. Because we no longer needed the funds, we turned the organization outward to help other families adopting internationally. During the 9 years our doors were opened, we were able to financially assist 50 families across the country and were recognized with the 2007 Angels in Adoption Award from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute.

I learned to make jewelry during that journey. That’s funny to me because I never wore that much personally. I became frustrated because I loved to make it, but had no outlet for it. So, yet another avenue to help others. Two bracelet designs in particular blessed many, and I still use them today as a fundraising avenue.

Fast forward to early 2014. I began making some all-natural skincare products for personal use. Soon thereafter a friend shared that she and her daughter wanted to take a missions trip to Africa, but were unsure where the funds would come from. Immediately my mind went to the new products I was creating. I built a simple web site for long-distance ordering and waa laa, sothei was born. The product line continues to grow and, to date, I’ve helped more than 10 families with fundraising for various causes. I am honored and humbled to support the Joint Council on International Children’s Services through their national fundraising campaign.


Our skin is our largest organ. What we touch can be absorbed, potentially wreaking havoc on our systems. When it comes to skin care, what we use is critical. Read a label or two on your store-bought items. Do you know what all the ingredients are?

I am adamant about using only natural products. As I research and learn more about potential risks and benefits, I’ve eliminated some products because they do not fall in line with the purity I require. I’ve also made the decision, when possible, to use only therapeutic-grade essential oils from a very reputable source. I’m confident these oils provide not only wonderful olfactory stimulation, but are also beneficial on a physiological and physical level.

If you’re interested in using The sothei Collection as a fundraiser, please contact me for more information. At-home parties are also a great option where guests can see, feel and SMELL the amazing products sothei has to offer. Wholesale and Sales Partner involvement is also an option. And of course, you can just order from the site. I welcome your support no matter what the form.

Thank you for your interest in sothei. If you have any questions, please contact me at



“For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God.” 

Ephesians 2:8

9th Annual North Pole at Tri-Lakes Arts and Crafts Fair

Saturday and Sunday, Dec 6 – 7, 10am – 4pmNorthPole

Grace Best School, 66 Jefferson St, Monument

Admission is free. Non-perishable food, toys and monetary donations appreciated in support of Tri-Lakes Cares