Why doTERRA?

Not all essential oils are created equal.  Industry standards only require a 20% concentration of actual essential oil to be labled “100% pure.” The remaining 80% could be any carrier oil or ingredient, which is not required to be disclosed.

doTERRA therapeutic-grade, certified pure essential oils are just that…PURE. No added carriers or chemicals. These oils are safe for topical, aromatic, and it some cases, internal use. They are the only essential oils I feel comfortable ingesting and exposing my family to.

If you are interested in seeing or ordering additional therapeutic-grade essential oils, the entire line of doTERRA oils and all related products are available to you for 10-25% off retail.

Receive 10% off

If you would like to receive 10% off essential oils that aren’t listed on this site, you can search here to see what is available. After you’ve made your selection, you can either send me a list or a screen shot of your shopping cart. I will special order these items and ship them out when they arrive.

Products special ordered will be subject to an additional $9 shipping fee. I will send you an invoice that will need to be paid prior to shipping.

Receive 25% off

If you use essential oils consistently, consider becoming a product consultant. Aside from receiving 25% off EVERY order, there are many additional benefits, including FREE shipping and products. The other characteristic that makes doTERRA unique is that there are no monthly minimums! That’s rarely found in direct-sales companies.

If you’re interested in becoming a product consultant and receiving 25% off every order, you can sign up here or just contact me. The process is simple. And as your sponsor, I commit to support you and answer any questions you have about the company or products.