I’m so pleased you’ve chosen The sothei Collection to help you with your fundraising goal. I’m honored to come along side you.

I recommend running a fundraiser for no more than 6 weeks. If the time period is too long, people tend to put it off and/or forget. If you want to run it longer, we can certainly do so. During the fundraiser, keep in touch with your supporters. You can do this by sending periodic reminders, keeping them appraised of your progress, and highlight any products you think they would be interested in.

As orders come in, I will notify you so you can thank participants personally. All products on the site are eligible for your fundraiser. You will earn 50% of all skincare product sales and $20 per bracelet sold.

At the end of your fundraiser, we will make arrangements to forward your earnings (usually via PayPal transfer). Please note there is a minimum total sales amount of $100 required to qualify for any payout. This amount is easy to reach, but it ensures our efforts to set this up fundraiser are worth our time.

To get started, simply fill out the information below. I will be in touch very soon to discuss the additional details.

Again, thank you for considering The sothei Collection to help with your cause.

Sincerely, Jennifer

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