“I have loved all the products. My skin has been so soft ever since using these natural products and with the use of essential oils they all smell amazing. Instantly hooked on the lip balm. One big bonus to this line is that we knew what each and every ingredient was.” Click here to read the full review. – Missy, CEO and Founder of We’ve Tried It.

Wow! These products are so amazing I really don’t know where to begin. I started out with a sample of Jennifer’s lip balm and hand lotion and was hooked! I’m one of those people who ALWAYS has to have a chapstik (or something similar) at hand. No more chapstik for me – this lip balm is the bomb!! I also just started using her face scrub, body scrub and hand soap as well. So many companies say they have “all-natural” products but Jennifer is the real deal. You only need to look at her ingredients list compared to anything you would buy off the shelf and you will be astounded. And even more amazing is that her products are a fraction of the cost of anything you will buy off the shelf. If you haven’t tried yet – you need to!! – Julie M.

The lotion [unscented hand and body] and powder [translucent finishing powder recently developed] are amazing! First time in months my eyes didn’t burn and the powder is so comfortable and looks great! My chemo skin thanks you! Thank you again!”  – Debbi G.

sothei products are a favorite of mine! I love using skin care products with ingredients I can actually read and understand. The lotion moisturizes and absorbs quickly. sothei’s oatmeal face scrub is a delight! Exfoliating with natural ingredients on sensitive skin is refreshing.” – Mimi B.

I love the sothei products I’ve used. They smell great, feel great and I love knowing that all the ingredients are completely natural.” – Susan M.